Woodcraft 1" riser with Adapter plate for Monster 821/1200

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Woodcraft's new Monster 821-1200 adapter plate assembly comes complete with black handlebars and bolts directly to the stock handlebar mount.
These billet pieces look fantastic and have many advantages over stock bars: lower your bars 1 to 3 inches, put your hands in a more natural position for sport riding, custom tailor the bar height for optimum comfort using different risers or flipping the adapter over, inexpensive replacement bars are available anywhere, don't let a tip over ruin a track day.

Rise Guide
1 inch rise, up position - 2.25 inch drop over OEM
1 inch rise, down position - 3.25 inch drop over OEM
1.5" rise, up position -1.75" inch drop over OEM
1.5" rise, down position - 3.75 inch drop over OEM

We've had several riders use the adapter plate in the "up" position on the street and in the "down" position for a track day.
Our exclusive design will set your bike apart at the race track or your local bike night. This kit comes standard with black handlebars.