SpeedyMoto Monster Top Triple Clamp

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If you want to remove your handlebars, but dont want to be stuck with the unattractive stock top triple, the SpeedyMoto top triple clamp refines the front end of your Monster when you swap out your handlebars for clip-ons.

Carved from a massive, 10 lb. piece of 6-series billet aluminum, the clamp is trimmed down to a lightweight triple that enhances the look of your bike, while offering extra benefits:

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* Offers up to 15mm of added height over the stock top triple, providing superior ergonomics and control when using clip-ons.
* Strengthens the front end, by spreading the top clamping points of the forks further away from the lower clamps, reducing fork flex.
* Maintains the steering lock mechanism for maximum security.
* Cleans up the appearance of the front control area dramatically.
* Includes new stainless hardware.