SpeedyMoto Ducati Frame Slider Kit- Superbike Underbody

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SpeedyMoto now offers you the same quality that's in our standard frame slider kit in an Under-the-Bodywork Frame Slider Kit. * With SpeedyMoto's Under-the-Bodywork design, there is no need to drill holes in your expensive bodywork. * Because the Sliders stay under the bodywork, it keeps your bike looking clean and all original. * With no protruding slider to snag a curb or grass, it's less likely to turn a simple lowside into a catostrophic highside.Our new under-the-bodywork frame slider system takes advantage of the bodywork, by using it as an integral component in aiding the damage control process. The new mushroom-shaped slider pucks mates with the inner body panel, creating a large reinforced structure that spreads an impact force along the entire body panel. As a result, this dispersed force causes less damage to any one point of the motorcycle.Using the Under-the-Bodywork Kit won't prevent damage to your bodywork in the event of a crash; however it will help save other more expensive operating components that reside just under your bodywork.