Rizoma 1 1/8" Tapered Aluminum Bars

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Rizoma replacement handlebars for tapered handlebar Monsters, Streetfighters, and Multis with conical tapered handlebar 
Lightweight Aluminum construction with matte anodized finish

Four models now available.
Sport (MA011) provides a riding position similar to that of stock bar (15mm rise, 20 degree sweep)

Touring I (MA006) model provides a more comfortable riding position with 30mm rise and 27 degrees rear sweep for a more upright position

Touring II (MA009) model provides 50mm rise with a 25 degree sweep back

Drag Bar Model (MA015) provides 0 rise with 10 degrees of sweep

install note- bar comes without switchgear alignment holes pre-drilled. Holes can be drilled, or the alignment nubs removed prior to installation