Pit Bull Hybrid One Armed Rear - Ducati with both pins

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Pit Bull's new Hybrid One Armed features a removable handle which allows you to use the stand with the handle going either forward or toward the rear of the bike. The handle can be installed going either to the front or back on the drive side, but only to the rear on the non-drive side of most motorcycles.

When installed on the drive side, it allows wheel removal; when installed on the non-drive side, it allows easy sprocket removal. It offers great leverage and stability and the ball bearing head makes it easy to spin the wheel for chain oiling.

Sold complete. This part number DOES include BOTH pins ("D" pin for the left side, and "DR" for the right side)to allow you to use the stand on either side of the bike. (Pins are also interchangeable to fit other bikes.)

delivery note- because of size, stands can be shipped UPS Ground (US) only