Drive Systems- AFAM Front Sprocket

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Replace your worn front sprocket, or change your gearing without having to replace your chain

Considered by many to be the best bang-for-the-buck mod for Ducatis, lowering the gearing by swapping to a 14T sprocket makes the bike easier to ride at low speeds and stop/go traffic, and makes for snappier acceleration

Machined steel for longevity

Plate- Fits M600/ M620/ M695/ M696/ M750/ M800/ S2R800/ M900(except 00-02), S4, SS, 620 Multi

Nut- Fits M1000/ S2R1000/ S4R/ S4RS/ M1100/ Hyper/ Multi1000-1200/ SportClassic/ 848-1098-1198/ Streetfighter / Diavel

900IE Fits 2000-2002 M900ie

M-HYM-796 Fits Monster 796 and Hyper 796

Any questions about stock sizes or fitment, please contact us