Deltran Battery Tender Plus

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Battery Tender Plus is the most advanced charger/maintainer on the market
specially designed for today's sealed lead acid batteries.

The Battery Tender Plus uses micro-processor technology in a four-stage charging profile to charge, improve, and float your battery so it is ready when you are.
Constant current charging and regulated voltage patterns allow the battery to be recharged fully and safely without the fear of overcharging.

Battery Tender Plus constantly monitors the battery without the damaging effects of trickle chargers
(a trickle charger will eventually boil dry or overcharge a battery)

Battery Tender Plus` voltage output compensates for temperature changes; providing additional protection Initial charge brings battery to full charge at approximately 14.2 volts.

After full charge is reached; converts to float charger and monitors battery at 13.2 volts Although a constant charge is being applied to the battery; there is little or no current draw (approx. 10 milliamps).

Periodic maintenance is recommended; but Battery Tender can monitor a battery for years without the fear of boiling or destroying the battery