Zero Gravity ST Series Touring Windscreen-Monster

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windscreen is the clear or smoked area pictured and does not include stock front fairing.(yellow area)
Fits 00-08 Monsters with stock windscreen

Designed to go the Distance

Modern sport bikes are designed as replicas of racing motorcycles and are not intended for long distance comfort.
Zero Gravity has introduced its Sport Touring Series of sport bike windscreens designed to reduce the windblast on the rider and provide more comfort while in the upright riding position.
Because no two riders are alike, it is difficult to predict how these screens will perform for any given rider.
The Zero Gravity Sport Touring windscreens will raise the point at which the wind will hit the rider by several inches and will significantly reduce the windblast.
Buffeting and other aerodynamic considerations will vary according to the riders' physical dimensions.
Made to the highest Zero Gravity standards, each Sport Touring screen is designed to enhance the look of your sport bike as well as provide better rider comfort.

Windscreen is 3" taller than standard screen