Evotech Lower Guard Radiator for Ducati 848-1098-1198

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Fits: 848/1098/1198

This lower radiator guard from Evotech completes the look and overall radiator protection of your Ducati 848/1098 or 1198 when paired with the upper guard.

It is created to the same level of quality of it's large counter part and is nicely finished in Black protective powder coating.

As a pair they provide a heightened level protection for you radiator/oil cooler significantly below the cost of replacing damaged OEM parts.

Visually and functionally, we think you'll be pleased with this combination.

Black in stock and Silver finish available by request.

Extended Information
Evotech radiator and oil cooler guards have been designed and manufactured to optimise the balance between air flow and protecting the radiator/oil cooler on your bike.

Consequently the small reduction of air flow may lead to increased engine temperatures. We advise that on particularly hot days, the rider should monitor the engine temperature and, if necessary, stop until the engine has cooled.Particular care to adhere to this advice is recommended in countries where high ambient temperatures are likely to occur.

It is recommended that periodic inspections are made to ensure that dirt and debris have not become trapped between the guard and the radiator/oil cooler. Such dirt and debris would reduce the cooling efficiency of the radiator/oil cooler.